Car Accident in West Seneca NY

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The National Safety Council (NSC) has determined there to be more than 12 million MVA's annually involving more than 20 million vehicles. Injuries involved in car accidents in West Seneca NY can range from minor aches to life changing disabilities.

Why choose Dr. Nicholas Fuhrmann after a car accident?

Dr. Fuhrmann’s experience and expertise in treating injuries arising from a MVA will ensure you get the best possible care. Dr. Fuhrmann of Fuhrmann Health Center will work as your “quarterback”. We will help manage your case, making sure you get all the treatment your injury requires. Dr. Fuhrmann has an extensive background in handling complex MVA cases, you will receive the highest quality of care at the Fuhrmann Health Center.

What to Do After an Accident in West Seneca NY?

  1. Call the Police! Get a Police report
  2. Seek medical attention. Even if you don’t think your injuries are that bad, go to the ER or Immediate Care facility as soon as you can to get checked out.
  3. Call or text Dr. Fuhrmann for an appointment ASAP. Failure to obtain a timely evaluation or appropriate treatment for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident may negate your ability to receive monetary compensation for any future medical bills resulting from the accident, negate your ability to receive pain and suffering settlements, and negate compensation for work loss.
  4. GET A LAWYER. Dr. Fuhrmann works directly with the top car accident attorneys in WNY. You can be assured you will be referred to the best lawyer that will make sure you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

How Can Dr. Fuhrmann Help?

Dr. Fuhrmann of Fuhrmann Health Center in West Seneca NY will do a thorough history and physical exam to determine what treatment plan is best for you. If diagnostic imaging is indicated, you will be referred to the area’s most advanced imaging group. Typically, X-ray is done at the ER or immediate care, prior to visiting our office. MRI or CT may be the next step. Dr. Fuhrmann will review your study with you and answer any questions you may have.

Treating musculoskeletal injuries is what we do! Once a diagnosis is reached, Dr. Fuhrmann has several treatment options available to reduce and eliminate your pain:

  • Spinal Decompression
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Soft Tissue Therapy /KT tape / Trigger point Therapy
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Cold Laser / Low Level Laser
  • TENS / Muscle Stimulation
  • Rehabilitative Exercises
  • Patient Education
  • Referral to Specialists
  • Neck brace, at home traction units, back brace, at home IF units.

Motor vehicle accidents can cause serious injury. The amount of damage to your vehicle rarely reflects the injury sustained to the passengers. Make sure you get the treatment you need with a Doctor that understands No Fault in NY State.


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