Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Fuhrmann is amazing at what he does! Highly recommend seeing him! He explains everything he does and is great at it! I left feeling 100% better than when I got there!! I wouldn't go anywhere else!!"

- Steph B.

"This place is great! The Dr always fixes me up!"

- Wes

"I'm on my fourth visit with Dr.Fuhrmann and so far I've seen an incredible improvement in my neck/back and migraines."

- Ashleigh

"Best Christmas present today was a certificate to the Fuhrmann Health Center, can't wait!"

- Lilly

"Dr Fuhrman is great! My pain levels have reduced drastically in only a few visits."

- John M.

"Dr.Fuhrmann is amazing. I've been suffering from migraines for the past 15 years and have lower back problems. When I go see him I feel so refreshed and 100% better. Such a great atmosphere and the great music playing in the office. Highly recommended!!!!!"

- Kaitlyn

"This guy is the real deal. I went there today with terrible lower back pain and I practically left doing back flips. The FHC is the place for ME."

- Gary

"My visit with Dr Fuhrmann was extremely helpful his explanation of what's wrong and what treatment will be was great !! Its nice to speak with a Dr that explains in layman's terms. Thank you very much!"

- Sheri E.

"After suffering back and hip pain for 10 years, Dr. Furhmann set me straight within a month. No longer do i wake up with an aching back every morning. His thorough and precise approach made me feel like a new man. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Dont hesitate for one minute. If you are in pain, contact him today. Highly recommended!!!"

- Matt P.

"Fuhrmann health center is the absolute best place to go for any problems you may be having! Dr. Nick is a consummate professional, and a really great person just to top it off! He fixed my back in a matter of minutes and I will gladly go back again! 5 stars for sure!"

- Tyler W.

"I had such a fantastic experience! Dr. Fuhrmann is thorough and very professional. I've been having low back pain for a few years and after one visit I feel rejuvenated. I will definitely be scheduling more sessions!"

- April L.

"I haven't felt such pain in my back since the day of my car accident in 2009 but when I woke up this morning I couldn't even breathe the pain was unbearable. I called Dr. Fuhrmann and he squeezed me in to his schedule right away. Within MINUTES I felt 110% better, no more sharp pains, I could breathe and move, no numbness and tingling down my arm!! I have been to other chiropractors in the past and none of them took the time to explain to me what was wrong and how to fix it. He is extremely professional and really cares about his patients. I will never go to another chiropractor again! Thanks Dr. Fuhrmann!!"

- Cassandra F.

"Dr. Fuhrmann is awesome! Very professional, insightful, and helpful! Explained issues in terms that I could understand, as well as with 3D and poster visuals. He took his time to make sure I understood everything he was saying and doing. I 100% recommend Dr. Fuhrmann. I have suffered from vertigo and Dr. Fuhrmann has helped me immensely. A+ doctor with a great attitude."

- Charlee S.

"About Christmas time last year I was referred to Nick by my brother, for months I was suffering with severe lower back pain, leg pain, sciatica, the whole nine yards. I'm a machinist and I usually spend 9-14 hours a day on my feet, so I got sick of toughing it out and decided to pay him a visit. Absolutely without a doubt, the best decision I have made. Nick's professional and expert care have completely turned my back problems around. I no longer wake up with a locked up back, or go home after work with hip or knee pain. Visit Nick and make and appointment, you won't be disappointed."

- Michael P.

"Dr. Fuhrmann is amazing! Very knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients, I highly recommend him and wouldn't go anywhere else! Five stars all the way!!"

- Sarah S.

"Dr Fuhrmann is amazing! This was my first time ever seeing a chiropractor. I was a little scared at first. But he made me feel comfortable and explained in detail what he was doing. Being 7 months pregnant, I have severe lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and leg pains. Needless to say, he fixed me up pretty good. My body definitely feels 100 times better after seeing him. Highly recommend him. And I will be seeing him again, very soon. Thanks Nick!!"

- Ashley W.

"He does an amazing job. Very informational on the issues you have. I feel like a million bucks!"

- Matt M.

"Love the relaxed atmosphere. Went in about a month ago with horrible neck pain that I had been dealing with for a long time. After just one session my neck pain was gone and is still gone. He provided me with stretches and exercises to do on my own so I can continue to feel good! Dr. Fuhrmann is great!"

- Erica N.

"Dr. Nick is very personable. His husky greeted me, we talked about jeeps, dogs and skiing. He knew instinctively what was wrong with my back. I feel a lot better."

- Keith M.

"Couldn’t ask for a better! Sent a message to see if I could get a appointment, messaged back quickly and was able to get me a appointment promptly. First time I had ever had to go see a chiropractor he explained what was most likely causing my pain and what was needed to fix it. Very professional!!"

- Connor K.

"I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Nick! I was experiencing lower back pain.. I called and was seen right away! He took his time, and explained exactly what he was doing and why, very thorough. I left feeling like a new person. Thank you so much Dr, I can't wait for my future follow ups!"

- Kayla M.

"After our car accident I felt back and neck pain like never before. Other doctors only want to prescribe pain meds. Dr Fuhrman has always explained my pain and has brought me relief one step at a time. He works around our work schedule and has actually comeback to the office for treatment. Excellent!!!"

- Vicky G.

"Look out WNY, there's a new chiropractor in town! I have been to over a dozen chiropractors in my lifetime and I have never been as pleased as I am now. Dr. Fuhrmann is very knowledgeable of the anatomy and takes his time working out the tight spots. He shows the utmost care when manipulating the spine. I walked out feeling like a new person! Thank you for putting me back together Dr. Fuhrmann! I wish you all the success in the world!"

- Claudia S.

"Dr. Fuhrmann is the best chiropractor I have visited. He explained to me everything he was doing and why. My quality of life has been minimal due to shoulder,back and hip pain. My symptoms/pain have reduced immensely in only I few visits. I recommend anyone the great pricing onthe year treatment option he offers!"

- John M.

"When I first went to see Dr. Fuhrmann about a year ago, I was in extreme pain in my lower back and left leg and could barely make it through my commute to work, sitting in the car was awful! My primary care physician had referred me to a neurosurgeon for possible back surgery! Dr Nick helped me recover without surgery and today I feel great! I am forever grateful! Thank you Dr. Nick!"

- Colleen

"Dr.Fuhrmann is an outstanding chiropractor who uses the latest techniques. He values his patients and is very thorough when examining you to adjust you properly. From the beginning of the appointment to the end Dr.Fuhrmann makes sure to explain exactly what he's doing. Visits are reasonably priced for the work he does. I've had neck/back pain and migraines since I was five by regularly seeing Dr.Fuhrmann my pain and migraines have been cut drastically. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!"

- Ashleigh B.


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